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Student Assistance For Education (SAFE)

CPS Energy Can Help Students Pursue Careers in Energy

The CPS Energy Student Assistance for Education (SAFE) Program is designed to promote higher education for professional careers in public utilities by:

- Generating interest in the math, engineering, computer information systems and business related fields at the high school level

-Providing college financial assistance through a $5,000 scholarship

-Providing personal development through mentoring

-Providing hands-on learning experiences through paid summer employment

Each school year the SAFE program opens application lines to students who are residents of San Antonio and receive gas or electric service from CPS Energy. From the eligible candidates, CPS Energy chooses five to six high school juniors, who are interested in pursuing a college degree in fields related to the energy industry, to work two summers at the utility with a mentor.

Students interested in participating in the CPS Energy SAFE program should contact their high school counselor or apply online. Application deadline for the 2015 SAFE Program is March 17, 2015. Apply online. 

The CPS Energy SAFE program benefits students, mentors, CPS Energy, participating schools, and the community as a whole.  The students benefit by obtaining work experience, scholarship money, enhanced self-esteem, and a true picture of their chosen field of study.  The mentors benefit by obtaining a revitalized interest in their work, assistance on work projects, and pride and personal satisfaction in what they are able to offer the student.  CPS Energy benefits by improving recruiting efforts, increasing awareness of CPS Energy, and promoting CPS Energy’s leadership role in the community.  The community and participating schools benefit by the promotion of education among area high school students.

Student selection for participation in the CPS Energy SAFE program is based upon the student's application, interview, references and their ability to meet all criteria outlined in the program participation checklist.