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San Antonio's New Energy Economy

Solar panels

CPS Energy Is Leading the Charge Into America's Clean Energy Future

San Antonio is stepping up to lead Texas and the nation into a clean energy future. CPS Energy is leading the charge. We have embarked on a new path -- investing in innovative technologies that will protect our environment, help our customers use energy more wisely, and leverage valuable economic development opportunities for our community’s future. We call it the New Energy Economy, and we’re just getting started.

Investing in New Technologies

The foundation of San Antonio’s New Energy Economy is built on partnerships with companies who share our belief in clean energy and energy efficiency. CPS Energy is working with a number of companies (see below), turning innovation into economic development. Already, our partners have committed nearly 1,000 new jobs to San Antonio. Employees at these companies will help develop and manufacture advanced solar technologies, implement next-generation home energy management systems, install energy-saving and commercial lighting products, and more.

Companies also are investing in San Antonio by building new corporate headquarters and assembly facilities or relocating current facilities here. And while San Antonio will gain in the form of new jobs and construction opportunities, the New Energy Economy is expected to trickle down to other businesses which are likely to see an increased demand for their products and services. San Antonio is likely to see an economic impact of more than $970 million thanks to the New Energy Economy.

Protecting Our Environment

CPS Energy’s mix of generation resources, including nuclear, coal, natural gas, wind and solar technologies, is among the most diverse in the nation (see our Capacity and Generation Portfolio). Now, we're ready to become America's leader in clean energy research and development.

CPS Energy has committed to making cleaner, renewable energies 20 percent of its generation resources by 2020. We’re also committed to reducing power plant emissions by tens of thousands of tons per year. For example, a 1970’s-era coal plant will be mothballed in 2018 – 15 years earlier than planned.

“At CPS Energy, we are in the enviable position of having safe, affordable nuclear power and a new coal plant with the best-available, emissions-control technology," says Doyle Beneby, CPS Energy's President and CEO. "These resources allow us to support the development of clean technologies to generate electricity, while maintaining rates among the lowest in the nation.”