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Locate Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Plug-in vehicles, primarily EVs, offer the convenience of “refueling” or charging at home. However, there will be times when you’ll need access to a charging station away from home. The following resources may help you locate available public charging stations in the Greater San Antonio area.

CPS Energy Electric Vehicle Charging Station Network 

A network of more than 100 EV charging stations are strategically located around San Antonio and are now available for public use. 

Map - Public charging station network 

EV public charging stations by address 

The stations are 240-volt, Level 2 ChargePoint stations that allow an EV owner to charge the vehicle’s battery. Most EV batteries can be fully charged in four to eight hours. However, public charging is intended to extend the electric drive range of an EV, not to fully recharge a vehicle. The initial cost for using a public charging station will be one dollar per hour, with a two-hour minimum. Customers can pay for charging with a major credit or debit card. 

Learn about our Public Charging Flat Rate Pilot Program 

The Department of Energy

Electric Fueling Stations in Texas - Find a list of public charging stations across Texas, including details and a map for each location.

Alternative Fueling Station Locator - Select your fuel and type in your location.


From Google Maps, type in “electric charging station near…” and include your address or location. A map of available locations near you will populate the map. Charging station maps should continue to change and expand as additional locations are developed.

Mobile App!
An app for Chargepoint America also is available and provides smartphones, iPhone and Android phone users the charging station nearest to their location.