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Residential Services

All requests for new electric and natural gas service installations, remodels/upgrades of existing electric and/or natural gas services and All Nite Security Light (ANSL) installations are handled by Customer Engineering’s Residential Services Section. 

To initiate a request for any electric or gas service installations, remodels or upgrades, you may:

1. Submit a request via our Web Portal (This option is only available for new residential underground electric/gas services. Mandatory training must be completed before user ID and password will be issued.)

2. Fill out a Residential Electric/Gas Service Application and submit via one of the following options:

a. E-mail to

b. Deliver in person or by courier service to:
CPS Energy Residential Services           
17281 N. Green Mountain Rd  
San Antonio, Tx 78247  
Maildrop 410101  


CPS Energy Residential Services  
7814 S. Zarzamora
San Antonio, Tx 78224
Maildrop 260108

c. Deliver via U.S. Postal Service to:

CPS Energy
Residential Services
PO Box 1771
San Antonio, Tx 78296
Maildrop 410101

3. Call (210) 353-4639 to submit request for service by phone.

The majority of residential service requests received by CPS Energy are for underground electric service installations, which are initiated via the Web Portal and are handled through an accelerated process that does not require that a Designer be assigned to manage the request.  For all other requests, a Designer is assigned to coordinate all service request requirements with the customer.  Please refer to the Residential Services Boundary Map to see which Residential Services Designer is assigned to handle service requests at your particular location. 

For All-Nite Security Light (ANSL) requests for residential customers, please fill out the All Nite Security Light (ANSL) request form and submit it electronically or via Options 2 or 3 above that are provided for Residential Electric/Gas Service Application Forms.  Please note that a maximum of 5 ANSLs will be installed per property. 

To see the organizational structure for the Residential Services Section, please refer to the Residential Services Org Chart.  For additional information regarding Residential Services requests, please view the Residential Services Electric and Gas Service Package. For any other information related to Residential Services, please call (210) 353-4639.