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Distributed Energy Resources

solar installation

Distributed Energy Resources (DER) is defined as smaller-scale power generation or storage. It is also known as Distributed Resources or Distributed Generation. Typical DER systems include the following:

  • Solar photovoltaic
  • Landfill gas
  • Combined heat and power (CHP, or cogeneration)
  • Wind
  • Micro Turbines

DER systems can be connected directly to the customer’s electrical system or interconnected into CPS Energy's electric distribution system. DER systems typically range from five kilowatts (5 kW), which is the approximate demand for a small home, to 10 megawatts (10 MW) for large commercial or industrial installations.

Customers interested in installing a DER system for their home or business must comply with all CPS Energy installation requirements, which are found in the DER Manual. Customers must complete and submit a DER Application (found as Appendix D in the DER Manual), along with an electrical one-line diagram, site plan reflecting existing and new electric service equipment, and an elevation drawing.  The DER Application and associated documents must be emailed in PDF format to for review by CPS Energy. Upon receipt of approval from CPS Energy, the Customer may start the installation of their DER system.

CPS Energy offers rebates for Solar Photovoltaic systems.  For Residential and Commercial Solar Rebate information, please call (210) 353-2SAV or see our solar rebate web site at

Distributed Energy Resources Information