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Safety -- It's Your Business


CPS Energy is dedicated to the safe use of electricity and natural gas. We strive to make our customers aware of potential hazards when working around gas and electric facilities.

Shortcuts can be hazardous and costly. Safety is everyone’s responsibility – whether you’re an employer or an employee. Every corporate electrical safety program should include a procedure for analyzing risks and hazards associated with each job. Reducing and eliminating exposure to electrical hazards requires constant attention, but the pay off is immeasurable. A safe work environment makes good personal and business sense.

CPS Energy offers safety programs to businesses and organizations within our service area, at no cost to our customers. Our safety programs will inform your employees about the importance of following proper safety procedures around natural gas and electric facilities. Our programs demonstrate the need to develop a healthy respect for these useful yet potentially dangerous forms of energy. For information or to schedule safety programs for your employees, call (210) 353-2970.

Also check our safety links to create an awareness of hazards that may be in an around your workplace.