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Emergency Assistance Programs

If you are not eligible for REAP or other programs offered by CPS Energy, there are several public health agencies and community-based organizations that offer emergency assistance programs to help you pay your bill. However, CPS Energy cannot obtain financial assistance for you. You should call an agency first to find out about assistance availability, eligibility requirements and documents you may need.  Agency funds may be limited and the amount of assistance you may be eligible to receive will vary from program to program and may only be available certain times of the year.

Proof of eligibility will be required. Eligibility requirements will vary between programs and may depend on income, family size, location of residence, age, disability, degree of need or emergency.

City of San Antonio Department of Human Services
The City of San Antonio's Department of Human Services offers several programs for city residents who need temporary assistance with utility bill payments or who are in imminent danger of service termination. Programs include: REAP (Residential Energy Assistance Program) and its Emergency Response Component; Project WARM.

Telephone: (210) 207-7830

Bexar County Department of Community Investment
Bexar County offers various temporary utility assistance programs for county residents. Aid with utility bills can be provided to prevent disconnection of service for nonpayment. Appointments are taken beginning at 9:00 a.m. on Tuesdays. Programs include: Energy Crisis Program; Elderly/Disabled Program; Co-Pay Program; Bexar Utility Relief Program; Emergency Nutrition.

Location: 233 N. Pecos, Suite 590 | Telephone: (210) 335-6770

Catholic Charities
Catholic Charities provides community-based support and resources to individuals and families with personal and financial crises. Limited direct financial assistance is available to pay utility bills.

Location: 2903 W. Salinas St. | Telephone: (210) 433-3256