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Paying Your Bill

Paying your bill

Nobody enjoys paying bills. That’s why CPS Energy wants to make it as easy as possible.

We offer a number of methods for paying your monthly bill -- paying online, paying by phone, paying in person at one of our customer service centers, or putting your payment in the mail. We also offer financial assistance, payment plans, and specialized billing programs.

CPS Energy does not, under any circumstance, accept payments at a customer's home or business. Call local law enforcement and CPS Energy at 353-4000 if you are approached by anyone trying to collect payment at a home or business or via phone.

All payments should be made directly to CPS Energy by mail, through our online bill payment system, at one of our customer service centers or authorized pay agents.

Instead of a phone call, reach us electronically through your computer or mobile device. Try an electronic request form, and we will follow up on your request.

Your Bill