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Happy LEDs! Efficient light displays bring savings to the holiday budget


The holidays are upon us! It’s time again to create the best holiday display on the block.

As merry as the holiday season is, it can also be real a bummer for your pocket book. Create a great display and lower your electric bill by using energy-saving LED string lights, as opposed to traditional incandescent (C9) string lights or mini-incandescent lights.

- LEDs are SAFER. Because LED lights only transmit light and not heat, they stay cool, reducing the risk of combustion or burnt fingers that incandescent lights can cause.
- LEDs are MORE DURABLE. Incandescent lights and mini lights are made of glass or thin plastic, making broken bulbs a common occurrence. LEDs are surrounded by an unbreakable poly resin.
- LEDs LAST LONGER.  An LED string will typically last about 40 holiday seasons.
- LEDs are ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDY. Because LEDs use so little energy, they are better for the environment and your electricity bill.

LED string lights do cost more initially, but they drastically lower operating costs and can be paid for over a few holiday seasons.

holiday LEDs

Combine your holiday lights with the following to increase electricity savings:
- Timers - control how long your lights are on
- Extension cords - instead of using light strings to add length to your display, utilize extension cords in less visible areas