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Tree Trimming Near Power Lines – Leave It to the Pros

tree trimming

CPS Energy trims tree limbs near overhead power lines for your protection and to prevent power outages. We also remove vines that grow on utility poles and power lines (learn more about our vegetation management procedures). To request tree trimming, contact customer service at (210) 353-2222 or use our online tree-trimming form.

At this time, CPS Energy crews are only responding to emergency requests – for example, a limb or tree that has an obvious structural defect that is threatening a power line – a visual inspection will be made for each request to determine if tree trimming is warranted before a crew is dispatched.

Professional contractors trim trees in accordance with national standards using guidelines for maintaining proper clearance for electric lines. If the tree is near high-voltage lines, complete tree removal can be conducted with customer permission.

Before you plant a tree, we recommend that you check if power lines are above or near the location you have selected. If your tree is a broadly-spreading or a tall-growing variety, we encourage you to select another location. Otherwise, the tree may eventually interfere with your electrical service and require trimming. See the following tips:

Small Zone - Within 20 feet of power lines
Plant trees with a mature height of 15 to 20 feet. Recommended trees include low-growing Crepe Myrtle, Loquat, Persimmon, Mexican Redbud, Texas Mountain Laurel, Eve's Necklace, Yaupon or Possumhaw Holly, Mexican Buckeye, Chilopsis, Vitex, Pomegranate, Althea, Rusty Viburnum, Wild Olive and Xylosma.

Medium Zone - Between 20 and 30 feet from power lines
Plant trees with a mature height of 20 to 40 feet. Recommended trees include Stone Pine, Anaqua, Ornamental Pear, Cedar Elm, tall varieties of Crepe Myrtle, Bald Cypress, Soapberry and Lacy Oak.

Tall Zone - 30 feet or more from power lines
Trees growing 40 or more feet tall, or with a broadly spreading crown, should be planted at least 30 feet away from power lines. These include Pecan, Ash, Sycamore, Chinese Pistache and various types of oak trees.