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CPS Energy to Pilot Advanced Meters

'Smart' System Designed to Put Precise Information at Customers' Fingertips
Smart Meter

CPS Energy has undertaken a pilot project to replace 40,000 electric meters with new "smart" meters. The meter replacement, scheduled for select locations around the city, is the first phase of our Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Program.

The smart meters measure, collect and transmit electric and gas energy usage data in a near real-time environment. By having more precise energy information at their fingertips, residential and business customers can make more informed decisions that can help them save energy and save money on their monthly bill.

After extensive testing of the first 40,000 meters, CPS Energy plans to replace all electric meters and retrofit gas meters with smart meter communication modules by the end of 2016.

What Are the Benefits of a Smart Meter?

The information that a smart meter makes available will allow a customer to take control of his or her energy budget. It will enable decisions to be made that conserve energy and natural resources, thus minimizing the impact on the environment. Other future benefits include: 

  • Improved reliability - Smart meters will provide instant power outage notice to CPS Energy so repairs can begin quickly. 
  • Enhanced customer service - Through remote capabilities, CPS Energy will be able to provide faster meter reading and service connections. 
  • Greater privacy - Smart meters can be read remotely so, after a testing period of several months, meter readers will no longer have to enter your property. CPS Energy will however, still need occasional access for testing and maintenance. 
  • Greater safety - Since meter readers no longer have to make monthly visits, CPS Energy employees will make less visits to homes and businesses. This will reduce their encounters with dangers such as dogs and environmental hazards.
  • Expanded product options - In the coming months, CPS Energy will be able to offer new, innovative price plans, such as time-of-use rates or pre-paid metering. 
  • Lower emissions - As the need for meter reading decreases, CPS Energy will have less vehicles on the road and company vehicle emissions will be lower.