SunCredit -- Fixed Credit for Solar Generated Power

The SunCredit proposal is currently on hold until 2014 for further review.

CPS Energy is proposing to change the program for solar installations. We will continue to offer our generous rebates (for up to 50 percent of the cost of the system), but will soon offer a credit per kilowatt hour, known as the SunCredit, rather than the net metering program current customers use.

For more information about the SunCredit program go to, or you can contact us at, or call (210) 353-6229.

CPS Energy has proposed this change to assure the greatest affordability for all customers over the long term.  With greater numbers of solar installations coming on line, net metering for so many systems will eventually overburden those who do not have solar systems with the fixed costs for other utility infrastructure, like poles, wires, substations, etc. We believe the proposed structure is fairest for all customers.