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Natural Gas -- A Smart and Responsible Choice

natural gas

While every home must have electricity, natural gas is a superior choice for all home-heating applications and the most efficient energy source for heat-generating appliances.  In fact, the U.S. Department of Energy says homes with combined energy -- that is, homes with both electricity and natural gas like CPS Energy’s Smart Energy homes -- require at least 20 percent less total energy production than comparable all-electric homes.

If you have a family with an active lifestyle and already have natural gas available in your home, consider gas instead of electricity the next time you’re in the market for a new appliance. A gas water heater produces over twice as much hot water per dollar as an electric water heater and heats twice as fast. That means significant savings for the average family because water heating is the second largest home energy use. While hot water from natural gas washes clothes more efficiently, today’s natural gas clothes dryers operate at less than one-third the cost of electric dryers. Gas dryers can dry three loads of laundry compared to the cost of one load in an electric dryer.

While natural gas offers comfort and energy efficiency for homeowners, it also is one of the most environmentally friendly energy choices. Natural gas produces fewer greenhouse gases than electricity in comparable-sized homes, reducing a home’s carbon footprint. CPS Energy is joining other energy companies across the country to promote gas as not only a comfortable energy choice, but a responsible one.

Yes, gas appliances may cost more initially, but lower utility bills, cleaner energy use, and reduced maintenance costs over the life of those appliances, will more than make up that difference. With gas, you never stop saving…

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