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CPS Energy Outage Center

storm restoration

Power outages may be caused by electrical storms, high winds, broken tree limbs, vehicle accidents, wildlife and more. Or, an outage may be planned to do work that will improve service to customers. If you have a power outage, remain patient. Try to determine if just your home is affected or if your neighbors lost power, too.

Need to report an outage? Call (210) 353-HELP (353-4357), or toll-free (800) 870-1006 from rural areas. When prompted, provide your account number or service address and a phone number.

unplanned outages
Outage Causes

Rain, vehicles, wildlife -- these are just a few of the things that cause inconvenient disruptions to your service. 

planned outages
Planned Outages

At times, CPS Energy must turn power off to maintain and upgrade equipment to ensure reliable service. 

outage prep
What Should You Do During an Outage?

Unplug appliances, turn off breakers and stay away from downed power lines during a power outage.