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Be Unconventional... Try Windtricity®

Now You Have the Freedom to Go Clean and Green When It Comes to Energy
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Imagine a breeze from the Texas coast or a gust from the West Texas plains generating electricity for your home or business. It’s real and we call it Windtricity®. It’s clean energy, it’s practically home grown, and you have the freedom to decide just how much is right for you.

When you sign up for Windtricity, you join thousands of fellow CPS Energy customers who care about their environment and want to support the revolution in the development of renewable energy. Yes, Windtricity has a price. Like water, it must be captured and distributed to customers.  However, Windtricity costs only slightly more than electricity generated with conventional fuels like coal or natural gas. In the end, every kilowatt of wind you purchase reduces the need to use less environmentally friendly resources.

Be unconventional. We encourage you to learn more about wind energy and hope you will bring the benefits of Windtricity to your home or business, or both. Sign up for Windtricity today!