Critical Care Program


If you or a dependent living at home must use electrically operated medical equipment, the CPS Energy Critical Care Program gives you additional time to pay your bills.

To qualify:

  • You must print and complete CPS Energy’s critical care application with your physician.
  • The completed application must be faxed from the physician’s office to CPS Energy at (210) 353-3666.

Once you’re in the program:

  • When you move to a new residence, you must re-enroll.
  • You will need to re-enroll every 24 months.

Critical Care Program customers need to know:

  • CPS Energy cannot guarantee the availability of electricity and natural gas services.
  • In case of an emergency, please dial 911.
  • Don’t wait for an emergency or power outage, make a family emergency plan now. If you have medical equipment that requires electricity or medicine that needs refrigeration, check with your doctor when making your plan. You can find plan ideas at  

For additional information on the Critical Care Program, call (210) 353-2222.