Solar Installation Guidelines


The following guidelines apply to the installation of solar PV systems eligible for CPS Energy rebates:

  • Only systems using eligible PV modules and Inverters listed by the California Energy Commission (CEC) website will qualify for rebates.
  • All installed PV systems must carry a 1-year warranty from installer. Solar modules must carry a 20-year warranty from the manufacturer. Inverters must carry at least a 5-year manufacturer warranty without battery back-up.
  • Installation location must have at least 260 sq. ft. of unobstructed space; system should be on most southern facing side, systems facing in a northern direction do not qualify.
  • It is the responsibility of the customer to obtain all appropriate permits.
  • All inverters and solar modules must be new.
  • PV system installations on residential structures and all commercial buildings must also obtain appropriate City building permits.
  • All PV systems must be interconnected, at customer's expense, to CPS Energy's electrical grid. All PV systems must comply with current CPS Energy guidelines governing interconnection with CPS Energy's electric system, and any subsequent revisions to these guidelines. These and other requirements are subject to change.
  • CPS Energy will not rebate any solar PV system less than 1 kW AC.
  • If re-roofing is required, PV system removal and reinstallation is at customer expense.
  • Batteries will not be covered under the rebate.