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Kite Safety


Keep safety in mind when flying kites

Safety precautions can go a long way to keeping you safe and the power on to homes and businesses. That’s because, often, kites are flown near power lines. Flying a kite is no doubt, fun. However, kites that become tangled in electric infrastructure and be dangerous and result in the disruption of electric service.

Keep these tips in mind when flying a kite:

  • Fly kites in open areas and away from electricity poles, overhead power lines, trees and other obstacles.
  • Kite lines conduct electricity, do not fly near overhead power lines.
  • If a kite gets caught in overhead power lines, release the string at once. Do not pull the string or climb the pole.
  • Only fly kites in dry weather. Never fly a kite during electrical storm.
  • Only use kites made of wood or plastic, never metal or mylar. Only use cloth for the tails.
  • NEVER attempt to retrieve any kite caught in electric equipment. Instead, call 210-353-HELP (4357).

Issues can be reported by calling 210-353-2222 or by email, feedback@cpsenergy.com.