Navigating My Energy Portal

Navigating MMA Portal

1. Energy Costs: The ENERGY COSTS tab is the default view, providing customers with a 13-month view of energy costs related to kWh usage. The chart shown provides a representation of monthly energy costs and average monthly temperature.

Energy Costs

2. Energy Use: The ENERGY USE tab gives customers options to view Electricity Usage (kWh) as it relates to monthly or daily average temperatures. The default view is set to “Year view” but it can be changed to “Bill view” or “Day View” by selecting the dropdown as shown. 

Energy Use

3. Neighbors: The NEIGHBORS tab provides customers with a “Year view” of monthly energy usage (kWh) in comparison to neighbors, with additional information highlighting the usage of energy-efficient neighbors. Tips are provided on the “Ways to Save” tab, which can help customers learn how to save energy (#6).


4. Home Energy Analysis: The Home Energy Analysis tab allows customers to access and complete a Home Energy Analysis survey, which helps to understand energy consumption. Using the results, customers can set up a customized energy savings plan.

5. Neighbor Comparison: Similar to the NEIGHBORS tab (#3), the Neighbor Comparison tab gives customers an in-depth view of energy efficiency compared to similar neighbors.

6. Ways to Save: The Ways to Save tab provides customers with a selection of energy-saving tips. Customers can browse through categorized tips, such as behavior-oriented or seasonal.

7. Energy Use Overview: The Energy Use Overview section allows customers to view usage from the most recent energy bill period and compare it to usage from the same bill period the previous year. For example, customers can compare October 2021’s utility bill usage to October 2020’s utility bill usage. 

8. Highest Day of Use: The Highest Day of Use section provides customers with a monthly calendar view and a legend to highlight the 5 days of the month with the highest energy usage. This calendar breakdown shows customers how daily changes during the month impacted energy usage.

9. Recommended Tips: Similar to the “Ways to Save” tab (#6), this section provides customers with details and tips on how to save energy.