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Requesting new electric or gas services, security lights or changing an existing service?

Simplify the application process with our online tools and resources:


1. Get ready


2. Submit an application

Register and utilize our Customer Engineering Web Portal to:
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  • Apply for new electric and gas services

  • Request changes to existing electric and gas services

  • Track your applications

  • Upload documents

  • Receive project status notification by email or text. Please click here to see our new gas rough-in video. 

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  • Contact your assigned CPS Energy representative

Please reference our Customer Web Portal User Guide or our Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ) about the Customer Web Portal for more information on how to use the portal.

Or download and email your application.

Applications may also be completed and submitted in person at either of our office locations:

  • 17281 N. Green Mountain Road, San Antonio, Texas 78247
  • 7814 S. Zarzamora Street, Building #3, San Antonio, Texas 78224

3. Visit with your CPS Energy representative

A CPS Energy representative will contact you within two business days to request additional information to complete your application or discuss the details of your project.  You will be provided with the estimated completion date for the project based on standard durations for both design and construction.

4. Design your project

Your CPS Energy representative will coordinate the design of your project and provide you with an invoice for the cost of the work to be performed by CPS Energy.  The invoice may be paid using one of the following options:

5. Construct your project

Commercial customers are required to construct their own underground duct banks and transformer pads in accordance with CPS Energy design specifications and inspections.  Your CPS Energy representative will provide you with the underground design and specifications for your contractor.

CPS Energy typically installs all trenches and conduit for residential customers.  However, residential customers have the option of installing their own trenches and conduits in accordance with CPS Energy design specifications and inspections.  Residential customers should notify their CPS Energy representative that they are exercising this option at their initial meeting to discuss the project.

Customers that construct their own duct banks and transformer pads must call (210) 353-3373 to request CPS Energy inspections for both the transformer slab and the duct bank when concrete forms and conduits are installed, but prior to pouring concrete. Customers must then request a second inspection after concrete is poured. Customers must provide 24-hour notice for each inspection. Please note that CPS Energy cannot install the transformer until concrete pad has cured for at least 72 hours.

The following service standards shall be utilized by customers and their contractors when constructing electric or gas services within the CPS Energy Service Area:

Please note that all required permits and inspections required by any Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) must be completed and released to CPS Energy prior to the electric and/or gas meter being set.   To expedite your utility release, please see the City of San Antonio Permit Release Checklist.

6. Provide feedback or request assistance

At any time during your project or after it is completed, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to provide us with feedback regarding your experience:


If you are not completely satisfied with the service you are receiving from CPS Energy, we want to hear from you at 210-353-4001.  Your call will be directed to a Customer Engineering Executive.

Learn how we are working to improve our processes through the Construction Service Improvement (CSI) Project.


Thank you for your business!