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Home Manager FAQs


What is Home Manager? What does it do?

  • Home Manager manages power to the equipment and appliances that consume the most energy in your home,
  • It gives you control over the energy consumption of your home
  • It helps CPS Energy reduce operational costs and slow down the need for new power plants

How do to I participate in the Home Manager program?

  • Allow us to place energy management equipment on the appropriate appliances in your home
  • Create and use an online personal energy management program

How does it work?

  • Like a programmable thermostat––but smarter––you answer questions about your preferences and comforts, and your Home Manager creates a custom program for you

Is there an app for Home Manager?

  • Yes. There is an app for both iPhone and Android devices. Both are free and available at the respective Apple and Android stores
  • Home Manager also has full web portal functionality on tablet devices

What are the benefits to me, the customer?

  • You can reduce your home’s electric consumption without changing your lifestyle
  • You can lower their heating and cooling costs
  • You can change your home’s energy consumption at your convenience from almost anywhere

What are the benefits overall?

  • It will slow the need to build new power plants
  • It will improve how CPS Energy estimates energy demand
  • It will enable CPS Energy to track reductions in carbon emissions
  • It will allow us to make adjustments to customer appliances, during times of high energy demand, based on your preferred settings

How do I use my online account?

  • You will receive a package of start-up instructions when we install the equipment
  • You will be able to access additional instructions and help through the online help feature

What does Home Manager cost?

  • Home Manager is free. There is no cost to you

When do you install the equipment?

  • A CPS Energy partner company, Utility Partners of America, will contact you to schedule a convenient time.

Do I have to be home when you install the equipment?

  • Yes, someone will need to be there when we install the equipment inside your home. This person must be an adult who can sign the pre- and post-installation acknowledgment forms.

Who do I contact if I need assistance?

When will CPS Energy ask my Home Manager to conserve? How will it affect me?

  • CPS Energy will ask Home Manager to reduce demand during periods of peak electric use and other critical circumstances.
  • During these times, you may notice a slight change in your home’s temperature.

Can I stop a conservation event at my home?

  • Yes, your online program enables you to opt out of a conservation event, even after it is in progress. You can also opt out by adjusting your thermostat.

Who will have access to my Home Manager information?

  • Only you will have access to your personal information.

What will be installed in my house and what does it do?

  • A standalone gateway (SAG) with an internal communications gateway, which is the brain of the system.
  • A programmable thermostat that communicates with the Home Manager’s brain
  • An equipment monitor for each HVAC unit, to measure the energy used by each unit
  • One equipment controller for your hot water heater or pool pump

Is my information secure?

  • Yes, your information will be very secure thanks to encrypted or coded data files