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Natural Gas Rebates

Achieve even greater efficiency with natural gas appliances

Natural gas is the most efficient energy choice for home heating and for heat-generating appliances. And homes that combine both electricity and natural gas can require up to 30 percent less total energy production than comparable all-electric homes.

Homes that use natural gas also contribute fewer harmful emissions into the environment.

CPS Energy offers rebates when you convert electric appliances to natural gas appliances or replace old gas appliances with new, more efficient, natural gas models. These rebates are applicable to gas water heaters, gas cooktops or stoves, and gas clothes dryers.

CPS Energy rewards you for making your home efficient with the following rebates on any size, make or model of these appliances:

  • Gas clothes dryer - $100 rebate
  • Gas water heater, tank or tankless - $50 rebate
  • Gas cooktop or stove - $50 rebate

CPS Energy also rewards you for converting your electric appliances to natural gas, with rebates that cover the cost of appliance, labor, permit fees and materials:

  • Gas water heater, up to $1,100 with $400 for each additional gas water heater
  • Gas dryer, up to $195
  • Gas cooktop/stove, up to $125

The advantages of a gas water heater over an electric water heater:

  • Gas produces more hot water per dollar
  • Gas boosts service life and lowers maintenance costs

Why choose a gas clothes dryer over an electric?

  • Gas dries three times as much laundry for the same cost
  • Gas is more gentle on fabrics
  • Gas releases fewer emissions

Why choose a gas cooktop or stove?

  • Gas provides consistent heat output, precise temperature control, and easy cleaning
  • Gas costs less to operate than electric units

Remember, these rebates are:

  • Available to any CPS Energy residential gas customer
  • Only applicable to those who directly purchase a qualifying gas appliance
  • Not applicable to newly constructed homes, unless the appliance is a gas dryer directly purchased by the homeowner

For questions regarding CPS Energy Natural Gas Rebates, call (210) 353-2SAV (2728).