Gas Conversion Rebate Qualifications


Get a CPS Energy rebate up to $1,100 when you convert from electric to a natural gas dryer, cooktop/stove or water heater.

To qualify:

  • The rebate recipient must be a CPS Energy natural gas customer.
  • The Natural Gas Conversion Rebate will be given as a credit on your CPS Energy account.
  • Customer must include legible detailed copy of product receipt and/or contractor’s invoice.
  • Contractor information must be included on application.
  • Appliance must be installed at the address corresponding to the CPS Energy account number.
  • Rebate will cover cost of appliance, labor, permit fees and materials up to a maximum:
    • Gas Water Heater - $1,100 with $400 for each additional gas water heater
    • Gas Dryer - $195.00
    • Gas Cooktop/Stove - $125.00
  • Appliance purchase and installation date must be from January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021.
  • Customers must complete Natural Gas Conversion Rebate Form and submit it to CPS Energy by December 31, 2021 to qualify.
  • Upon request, customer agrees with physical inspection of site for verification of installation. Inspection will be at the discretion of CPS Energy.
  • Applications are subject to verification.
  • The Natural Gas Conversion Rebate cannot be used in conjunction with other CPS Energy Natural Gas Rebates.
  • This opportunity is offered to CPS Energy natural gas customers on a first-come basis until available funds are exhausted or the program is discontinued.

Natural Gas Conversion Rebate form and copies of receipts/invoices should be submitted to:

CPS Energy Efficiency Rebate Program
Mail Drop RT0301
P. O. Box 1771
San Antonio, Texas 78296-1771


Email: [email protected]   

Questions regarding our Natural Gas Appliance Rebate? Call 210-353-2SAV (2728).