Green Shade Rebate Guidelines


CPS Energy rewards customers for planting shade trees to increase their homes’ energy efficiency. But it’s critical to maintain your trees, in order to qualify for our Green Shade tree rebate program. See our tips:

How to plant:

  • Before you dig, call 811 for free, utility locator service
  • Once utility lines are marked, identify tree-planting locations 10-30 feet from the building, on the west, south, and/or east sides
  • For each tree, dig a hole at least two times the diameter of the root ball
  • Always keep the top of the root ball level with surrounding grade; never put soil on top of the root ball
  • Water the root ball and backfill the hole completely
  • Apply several additional gallons of water over the entire planting zone

How to water:

  • Follow the 3-2-1 method––start by watering three times per week for the first month, two times per week for the second month and one time per week for the third month, then water two times per month for the next three months and one time per month through the next growing season (March - August)

How to mulch:

  • Renew mulch once each year at a two-inch depth and at a radius of between 24-inches and 36-inches around the tree, for the first two years after planting
  • Mulch should not touch the trunk of each tree