Solar Rebate Incentive Tiers


CPS Energy has allocated additional $15M in solar rebates starting April 19, 2017. The funds are allocated $9M for Residential and $6M for Commercial.

The rebate incentive is up to $0.70/AC Watt for systems that use locally-manufactured components.

  • $0.60/AC Watt base incentive
  • $0.08/AC Watt premium for local modules
  • $0.02/AC Watt premium for local inverters

The current rebate limits of $25,000 for residential projects and $80,000 for commercial remain in place. Rebates are also capped at 50% of project cost.

The rebate for non-local installers is reduced to 75% of the local installer rebate amount, starting at $0.45 per ac watt, applicable to both residential and commercial projects.


CPS Energy guidelines and rebate levels are subject to change without notice, and CPS Energy reserves the right to refuse any application/request for incentive payment that does not meet CPS Energy requirements.