Pole Inventory Project


In an effort to continuously enhance our customer service and reliability, we are conducting a system-wide pole inventory through 2017. Utilizing Global Positioning System (GPS) technology, this project will allow us to accurately identify the locations of our streetlights and distribution pole infrastructure. This information will be used in our system network modeling activities. When complete, this project will help us minimize power outage restoration times by helping our field crews find infrastructure locations quicker with the help of GPS.

CPS Energy has contracted with Davey Resource Group (DRG) to assist with this project. At times, it may be necessary for a DRG technician to enter private property by requesting access to your backyard, if there is CPS Energy infrastructure on your property. DRG personnel have been issued identification identifying them as contractors for CPS Energy as well as appropriate vehicle identification. If in question, a DRG employee can be validated by calling CPS Energy security at 210-353-4000. All field work will be performed between 7 am and 7 pm Monday through Saturday.

Our website will include regular updates on the project as steps are completed. For more information, you may call, write or e-mail:

CPS Energy
James Grimshaw, Project Manager
Pole Inventory Project
Mail Code 100502
P.O. Box 1771
San Antonio, Texas 78296-1771
(210) 353-2618

Project Links

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