Roofless Solar


I’m interested in the roofless solar option.  How do I sign up?

Just go to CPS Energy Roofless Solar and fill in your name, address and phone number. A representative from Clean Energy Collective (CEC) will be in touch with you.

I don’t have access to the Internet.  Can I still sign up?

Of course! Just call CEC at 1-844-CEC-SALE, and someone will take your information.

How much will I earn as a credit on my bill?  And how long will it take to earn back my investment.

Generally, each panel should generate enough solar power to earn a credit of about $25 per year—thus it would take about 12 years to pay back the cost of buying a panel.  The more panels you own, the higher the credit.

How long until this will be up and running?

First, CEC will have to site and build the solar farm.  We anticipate being able to offer shares in the solar farm around November 2015.

Where will the solar farm be located?  Can I visit the farm?

Community solar farms will be sited in areas of CPS Energy’s distribution system where the local electric grid is best able to absorb the extra power without damaging the infrastructure or affecting reliability. CEC hopes to have an appropriate location chosen and announced soon.

How is this different from the rooftop SolarHost program?

With the SolarHost rooftop option, you must have an appropriately located roof that gathers maximum sunlight and be willing to have panels on a roof which you own. With Roofless Solar, you have no panels on your roof and you don’t even have to own a home. As long as you are a CPS Energy customer, you can participate. Roofless Solar is great for people who have a poorly situated roof, who don’t want to look at the panels, and who have some cash on hand that they can put down for the greening of the grid. The SolarHost option requires no cash investment.