Las oficinas, los centros de atención al cliente y el centro de llamadas de CPS Energy van a estar cerrados el lunes 29 de Mayo en conmemoración del Día de los Caídos. Las oficinas reabrirán el martes 30 de Mayo a las 7:45AM de la mañana. Los clientes pueden informar emergencias de gas natural o electricidad llamando al 210-353-HELP (4357) o al 1-800-870-1006 en cualquier momento. 

Mantenimiento del Sistema: El domingo 28 de Mayo de 2023, de 1:00AM de la mañana hasta las 5:00AM de la mañana, es posible que nuestro procesamiento de pagos con tarjeta de crédito EZ Pay no esté disponible; sin embargo, puede realizar un pago iniciando sesión en Administrar mi cuenta. Puede reportar una interrupción en línea o llamando al (210) 353-4357. Es posible que la visibilidad de las facturas en Administrar mi cuenta no está disponible durante este mantenimiento.


Energy-Saving Strategies


Reducing your energy bill is a great way to lower operating costs and increase your company's bottom line. Here are a few simple ways you can lower your energy bill:

  • Take a walk -- A walk-through energy audit is free and it is a great way to uncover cost-saving opportunities. 
  • Consider energy-saving rebates and demand response programs that reward your business for saving.
  • Use only what you need -- Turn off lights, motors, and electronic equipment when they’re not in use. Install time controls, occupancy sensors, and other energy-management devices. 
  • Control temperature settings -- Set building temperatures to comfortable yet energy efficient levels. (68°F in winter and 75°F in summer). 
  • Maintain heating and cooling systems -- Make sure heating and cooling system equipment is cleaned and inspected by a qualified technician at least once per year. Repair leaks around seals, valves, pipe joints, and instrumentation. Check gauges and other instrumentation. 
  • Power down -- Office equipment, electronics and appliances continue to draw power even when they’re turned off. Put them on sleep mode when they’re not in use. Also, use power strips to shut off clusters of equipment.
  • Maintain lighting systems -- Regularly clean and dust lamps, fixtures, and lenses every 6 to 24 months. Consider group replacing light bulbs.
  • Reduce hot water temperatures -- Water heaters are often set at 140°F. This is higher than necessary. Set water heater temperatures no higher than 120°F.
  • Get everyone involved -- Educate staff about the importance of conserving energy. Post reminders and hold regular meetings about energy policies.
Energy-Saving Strategies