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Tuttle Decommission Project


CPS Energy operated the Tuttle Power Station, located at 9911 Perrin Beitel in San Antonio, Texas as an electrical power generation plant from 1960 to when it was deactivated in 2008. The Tuttle Power Station was powered by natural gas with a back-up fuel oil-firing capability. The Boiler and Turbine buildings for each unit, two cooling towers, two fuel oil storage tanks, other industrial electric power generation facilities, the electrical switchyard, and transmission facilities remain at the Site. The objective of this final phase of the project is to demolish selected facilities on the site and make the site available for future use by CPS Energy. The schedule duration of the project is expected to be approximately eleven (11) months.

Our main focus at CPS Energy is Safety - Demolition will include the removal of man-made improvements located above ground. Work will be performed by a qualified Contractor and skilled workers trained in the demolition/dismantling of these types of structures. In general, the work will involve either a controlled demolition method or the use of heavy equipment to bring the structures to the ground level for handling as either salvage or waste materials. Our contactor has obtained all required environmental permits and have previously worked with us on other demolition projects. The contractor will complete the demolition of the power plant boiler and turbine buildings and contents, the two cooling towers, and the two fuel oil storage tanks to the top of the concrete slabs. Work will be performed Monday through Friday during the hours of 6:30am to 5:00pm.

CPS Energy realizes there may be a few unique problems with access, including high volume traffic on Perrin Beitel Road and limited roadways around the work areas. Therefore, the following criteria are being placed on vehicles that will be entering or leaving the site.

  • All contractor cars, vans and trucks carrying personnel will enter and exit the site through the North Gate at Perrin Beitel Rd.
  • All demolition truck traffic leaving the site will leave by making a Right Turn Only onto Perrin Beitel Rd. At no time will traffic be allowed to make a left turn across this street.
  • Demolition Trucks will be scheduled so that high traffic times are not interrupted. This will be coordinated with CPS Energy on-site employee hours and Perrin Beitel heavy traffic hours.
  • During delivery of heavy equipment, and high volume loading out of materials, flagmen wearing high-visibility vests and Tx DOT approved flags will be used to assist trucks in entering and exiting the site at Perrin Beitel Rd. 

Additional Notes on Project:

  • CPS Energy has done extensive testing and analysis to identify environmental hazards. Most asbestos abatement has already been completed. Some additional abatement may be required and will be handled by a certified asbestos abatement contractor.
  • The Demolition Contractor is required to clean the roadways of any dirt or debris resulting from transport or loading.
  • No Explosives Permitted: Demolition is limited to physical or mechanical means. No explosives will be used during demotion. 
  • Dust Monitoring: Dust will be monitored by a Third-Party Contractor. 
  • Dust Suppression: Contractor must wet down dust as needed. Contractor is required to have water truck or water lines on site to allow for dust suppression. Contractor must comply with OSHA CFR 29 1926.252 when removing equipment or structure.
  • Noise Monitoring: Contractor is to use noise reducing equipment, when possible. This includes but is not limited to “silencers” or “mufflers”.

CPS Energy is committed to managing the dismantling of this facility in a safe and environmentally responsible manner and will work to minimize any impact to the surrounding area. We have selected an experienced and proven demolition contractor to perform the work and will maintain a presence to ensure compliance with the contract documents and good work practices.

Updates on this project can be received by emailing: [email protected] or by calling 210-353-DEMO (3366).