Large Load Customer Growth


CPS Energy Large Load Customers

CPS Energy works closely with our Large Load customers to ensure that we support their unique energy needs as they continue to grow and expand in our community.   We are seeing, along with the rest of our industry, rapid growth in our customer segment of energy consumers needing more than 40 MW of power.

We have initiated a third-party system-wide transmission study to better understand the impact of this rapid growth and its impact on our ability to support large energy consumers and requests. The goal of this study is to have the most accurate representation of our system capabilities as soon as possible and to ensure we maintain the high level of system reliability that our community needs. Contingency scenarios are part of the overall study, and additional information on these will not be available until later in the study process.

This study is an iterative process that will take time to complete. We are anticipating have the full study completed by the end of 2024, but please know as this study progresses, CPS Energy will continue to provide information as it becomes available, and we will publish updates here for your reference.

A Data Center and Large Load presentation is available for more details. Further information will be posted in the Helpful Links section of this page as it becomes available.