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CPS Energy is assessing how to replace aging power plants, whether to continue operating coal-powered units, and planning for population growth. Our generation planning process will identify the types of power generation resources to be added over the next several years. Planning objectives include system reliability, customer affordability, environmental sustainability, and other factors. CPS Energy will work with the Rate Advisory Committee to assess several generation planning options. CPS Energy is scheduled to make a recommendation on an updated generation plan to our Board of Trustees in late 2022.

Powering Our Community’s Future is an initiative designed to inform and encourage you to be part of the decisions we need to make for our community.


Current Power Generation Portfolio * (as of December 2022)


What is the timeline for retiring aging gas and coal plants?



The CAAP goal is to reach carbon neutrality by 2050. Emission reduction goals for 2030 and 2040 established in the CAAP can be met with our current plan to add more renewables and close the Spruce 1 coal unit. To achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, most of our fossil fuel (gas and coal) generation may need to be retired or fitted with technology to capture carbon, if feasible. CPS Energy will continue to review proposals for zero-emission generation technologies such as hydrogen or geothermal energy, as the technologies become more feasible for utility-scale deployment.

Power Generation Diversification 1970-2021


What portfolio concepts are CPS Energy and the RAC reviewing to replace aging gas and coal plants?**


** Each portfolio concept is a combination of a retirement schedule and potential technologies to meet capacity gaps.

How can I give input?


The decisions around powering our community’s future are important and we want you to participate so your opinions can be heard. We have multiple ways for you to learn more and provide feedback.

  • Watch or attend a meeting of the CPS Energy Board of Trustees. Meeting live streams, presentations, and how to participate in Public Comment can be found at
  • Watch a CPS Energy Rate Advisory Committee meeting and provide Public Comment. Learn more at
  • Final results from the generation planning survey can be found on the Stakeholder Engagement and Public Input Report (button below). For verbatim comments submitted by customers, view the Public Comments supporting document linked below.