STEP: Total Impacts and Cost-Effectiveness



In 2009, we launched our Sustainable Tomorrow Energy Plan (STEP) which challenged us to reduce our community's energy demand by 771 Megawatts (MW) by 2020, roughly the equivalent of a large power plant. Thanks to our customers, we exceeded our STEP goal one year ahead of time and under budget.

A study has shown STEP helped save our customers 6.3 Terawatt-hours (TWh) of electricity, creating over $553 million in bill savings. In fact, in 2019, STEP saved our customers enough energy to power over 104,000 homes and provided 680 annual jobs.  View the study here.

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Click here to review the FY 2022 STEP Annual Evaluation, Measurement, and Verification Report.

Click here to review the FY 2023 STEP Annual Evaluation, Measurement, and Verification Report.


CPS Energy is seeking community input on the future of the energy efficiency and conservation programs. We are currently evaluating strategies for creating a dynamic, future focused program that builds on STEP’s proven model for delivering energy savings and empowering customer choice. 

To learn more, click here to see an assessment and benchmarking of STEP conducted by The Brattle Group in February 2022. 

You can also read more on the City of San Antonio - Office of Sustainability website:  Sustainable Tomorrow Energy Plan.

To follow the community discussion, we invite you to visit our Board of Trustees page at

To learn more and provide input on energy efficiency and conservation programs to our Rate Advisory Committee (RAC), visit

Customer Contribution to the STEP program

All of our customers contribute to the STEP program through their monthly bill. Funding for the program is recovered through our electric base rates and the monthly electric fuel adjustment. Last year, customers contributed ~$0.00348 per kWh to the program. The table below demonstrates the amount customers contributed to the STEP program on average per bill in 2021.

To calculate your own monthly contribution to the STEP program, please follow the calculation below:

For more information on how to find your monthly consumption, please refer to the following links: