Energy Efficiency & Conservation Program:
Sustainable Tomorrow Energy Plan (STEP)



In 2009, we launched our first energy efficiency and conservation plan, known as our Save for Tomorrow Energy Plan (STEP), with the goal of saving 771 Megawatts (MW) by 2020 (roughly the equivalent of a large power plant). Thanks to our community’s participation and shared commitment, we exceeded our goal ahead of schedule and under budget! 

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Upon completion of the original program, CPS Energy sought community input on the future of its energy efficiency and conservation programs.  Through this process, CPS Energy identified program outcomes that mattered most to the community.  In addition to energy demand reduction, community stakeholders asked that this new program help create customer bill savings, support customers most in need, and contribute to a low carbon future.

On June 16, 2022, the City of San Antonio authorized the new initiative titled the Sustainable Tomorrow Energy Plan (STEP), which aims to reduce community demand by 410 MW, achieve 1% energy savings per year, weatherize 16,000 homes, and contribute to 1.85 million tons of avoided carbon over 5 years through equitable programs designed to help customers save energy and money. 

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