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New Home Construction

A PDF version of the residential service application is available for download.


Contact CPS Energy Customer Design & Delivery at 210-353-4050 Monday - Friday 7:30am - 4pm or [email protected] if you need assistance with any of the steps below.


The steps below are for new homes that will be served by an overhead electric distribution system, including overhead to underground line extensions.

Download the detailed New Home Construction Overhead Step-by-Step Process Document.

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Ensure your location is within CPS Energy Service Boundaries.

See Electric Service Boundary Map and Gas Service Boundary Map.

*The following link will provide important addressing information that is needed before an application can be processed.  Read More Here

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Register on the CPS Energy Construction & Renovation Web Portal.

Register to request temporary service and track your project steps all the way through to permanent service. Once submitted, we will typically process your registration within 24-48 hours. To authorize a contractor to register, complete a Web Authorization Form.

To register, you will need:

  • Business/Customer Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Construction Mailing Address
  • Existing or new CPS Billing Account
  • CPS Account Billing Address

If opening a new CPS Billing Account, provide one of the following:

  • Federal Tax ID or
  • Employer Identification Number (EIN) or
  • Social Security Number (SSN) or
  • Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN)
Register on Web Portal
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Apply for Temporary Electric Loop permits and request Temporary Electric Service.

Apply for your Temporary Meter Loop permit with your city or municipality, such as the City of San Antonio. For more information about City of San Antonio permitting and inspections, go to City of San Antonio - Permit, Inspection and Review. If you are outsides San Antonio, contact your local municipality.

Request CPS Energy Temporary Service on the Construction & Renovation Web Portal.

  • Select the plus symbol at the top of the screen, then “Single Family Home.”
  • Search for your Temporary Address in our system, designated with a #T or TEMP.
  • If you don’t see a Temporary Address (#T), click the Request Address creation checkbox, add “#T” to the Apt/Unit/Bldg# field and fill out necessary information.
  • Select your service and installation type. (Select “Temporary” for temporary services)
  • Provide Project Details
  • Select your Billing Account or “Request a New Account.”
  • Review your Project Details and Submit.
  • Once submitted, you will see your Project Number for reference.

CPS Energy Customer Engineering will need to approve your Overhead Design. Attach your Meter Loop Drawing and ensure it complies with the diagrams in CPS Energy Service Standards - Temporary Service [Overhead]. Attach your document by selecting the Project from Home, then Attachments.

Once submitted, CPS Energy will typically send you Temporary Service instructions and an invoice by email the next business day.


If you don’t have an existing source of power near your property, CPS Energy will need to design then build a line extension, which can take approximately 40 days.

Or download and mail or email your application:

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Construct your Temporary Meter Loop and plan for permanent service.

Construct your approved Temporary Meter Loop and coordinate with your CPS Energy representative to energize your temporary service. Plan to install permanent service in compliance with Overhead Temporary Meter Installation Diagram and CPS Energy Addressing Requirements for Meter Installation.

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Apply for Permanent Service and provide CPS Energy required documents.

When you are ready for permanent infrastructure installation, apply for Permanent Service and if necessary, attach the required documents. Please note that CPS Energy’s standard design for overhead line extensions is to install an overhead line to your property. If you would prefer the line to your property be underground instead, you will need to coordinate with your assigned Designer after applying.

Apply on the Construction & Renovation Web Portal:

  • Select the plus symbol at the top of the screen, then “Single Family Home” (Permanent Service is new project separate from Temporary Service).
  • Search for your Permanent Address in our system (it will not have a T#).
  • If you don’t see your Permanent Address, click the Request Address creation checkbox and fill out necessary information.
  • Select the service installation type, then select the services to add. If gas is not selectable, you may be outside our Gas Service Boundary Map. If you believe this is incorrect, contact Customer Engineering at (210) 353-4050.
  • Provide Project Details
  • Select your Billing Account or Request a New Account.
  • Review your Project Details.
  • Once submitted, you will see your Project Number for reference.


For overhead electric service, attach the following required documents to your project by selecting the Project from Home, then Attachments.

Or download and mail or email your application:


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CPS Energy provides job sketch with meter location(s) and an invoice for CPS Energy work.

CPS Energy will typically process your Permanent Service application within two business days and email you a Job Sketch with the meter location on your site. We may need to perform a Utility Survey Inspection to determine the meter location. Once we gather all necessary information, we will send an invoice for the cost of the work to be performed by CPS Energy.

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Pay your invoice for CPS Energy work.

For CPS Energy to perform work, the invoice must be paid using one of the following options: 

Pay Online


Pay by mail:

CPS Energy
PO Box 2678
San Antonio, TX 78289-0001

Pay in-person by check at any of our Customer Service Centers

Pay electronically via Automated Clearing House (ACH)

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Apply for the necessary permit(s) with your city or municipality.

You will need to obtain all relevant permits and, where required, final electrical and/or gas inspection from your local city or municipality, such as the City of San Antonio. For more information about City of San Antonio permitting and inspections, go to City of San Antonio - Permit, Inspection and Review. CPS Energy has also worked with the City of San Antonio to create a Permits and Inspections Checklist for your assistance. If you are outsides San Antonio, contact your local municipality.

PLEASE NOTE: You will require an electric and/or gas permit to construct your Meter Loop and CPS Energy will need a copy of your permit, and later your city/municipality inspection, in order to turn on your permanent service.

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Perform all required work and prepare your site for inspections.

Follow the below steps to prepare your site for inspection.

In addition to infrastructure preparation, ensure that you:

  • Clear the service location of all water and drain lines, and underground facilities; including septic systems, culverts, irrigation systems, underground wiring, and other impediments.
  • Clear all obstructions and/or debris from cable, gas, transformer, secondary enclosure, and meter location route.
  • Sign and return any required easements to CPS Energy.
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Request your inspections.

CPS Energy Inspections

Let CPS Energy know that your site is ready by logging on to the Construction & Renovation Web Portal and completing your Site Ready Task. If you are outside the City of San Antonio, request your Gas Rough-in inspection from CPS Energy, which will ensure you are ready to have gas turned on after installation.

  • Locate your Project and click on the correct Work Request card.
  • Click on the “Task” tab and locate the “Site Ready” Task(s).
  • Confirm the information on the screen is accurate before confirming your project site is ready.
  • Once confirmed, then click the “Confirm Site is Ready” button,
  • Once Submitted, CPS Energy will begin the inspection process.
  • Note: If the electric and Gas services are in the same trench, repeat the same steps for the corresponding Work Request

You can also call CPS Energy at 210-353-4050 to let us know your site is ready.

City or Municipality Inspections

To turn on your service after our infrastructure and meter installation, we require your city or municipality’s successful electric and/or gas inspection(s). We recommend you acquire these inspections as soon as possible. CPS Energy will still install your infrastructure and meters, but in a locked position until we receive the appropriate inspections. In some locations, the CPS Energy Meter Installer will perform this inspection.

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CPS Energy and your city or municipality will perform their required inspections.

CPS Energy will perform our required inspection and if your inspection passes, we will schedule your infrastructure install and meter set. If your site fails CPS Energy inspection, you will be notified by email with reason of turndown. Once corrections are made, you can re-click site ready in the Construction & Renovation Web Portal or call 210-353-4050 to schedule another Site-Ready inspection.

Your municipality will perform their inspection which are required before CPS can turn on your service.

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Sign your easements.

If necessary, submit easement documentation for the necessary utilities after they are constructed. The easement or field notes will need to be received, reviewed and signed by the property owner prior to your service being activated. This process can take up to 3 weeks. If an Easement is required for your project, review the information below or click here to Read More.

Owner Request:

The owner will need to provide an easement description to the CPS Energy Agent (“Agent”). All Residential Development, Small Commercial, and Large Commercial Projects will require a surveyed easement description.  The Agent will determine if a surveyed easement description is necessary for Residential Service projects. 

Third-Party Request:

If your project requires a third-party easement, please contact the Agent. The third-party easement must be secured and finalized early in the project.

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CPS Energy installs your overhead infrastructure and meter(s), then turns on your service(s).

PLEASE NOTE: To avoid delays, please ensure CPS Energy can access your property to perform their work.

CPS Energy installs your overhead service infrastructure. Once in place, and if CPS Energy has already received your electric and/or gas permit inspections, CPS Energy will attach overhead cables from the transformer location to your meter location, then set your meter(s) and activate your service(s).

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Call to have CPS Energy remove your Temporary Service.

Call Customer Service at 210-353-3333 to have your Temporary Service removed.

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CPS Energy sends your Temporary Service final bill and normal billing begins.

CPS Energy will send your final Temporary Service bill and normal billing will begin. If you have not already, enroll in Manage My Account.

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