Energy Alerts


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Emergency Contact

When you add or update your Emergency Contact information in your account, it allows us to send messages to a designated phone number in the event we need to notify you of emergency events, such as weather advisories, Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) mandates, gas leaks and more. You can list your own contact information as the emergency contact, or you can list another family member, roommate or another reliable contact. It’s important to note that listing someone as an emergency contact does not automatically authorize that person to act on behalf of your account. The Emergency Contact will be used for notification purposes only. 

Outage Alerts

The next time your power goes out or a planned outage is scheduled, expect an Alert sent via email, phone call, or text from CPS Energy. If you choose to receive alerts via phone call, you will have a default do not disturb window of 8 p.m. to 7 a.m. You can adjust this window under the “Alert Preferences” tab in Manage My Account.

When an extended power outage (5 minutes or more) occurs at your home or business, an Alert will provide you with an estimated time of service restoration at that address. Later, a follow-up message will be sent confirming the power was restored.  As a customer, you are automatically enrolled and will receive an alert for a citywide/mass power outage emergency as well as a power outage affecting your home or business. 


Billing and Payment Alerts

Eliminate the surprise of an unexpected bill amount at the end of the month.  Sign up for Billing and Payments Alerts today!

Receive billing and payment alerts right to your mobile phone when your eBill is ready for viewing.  You can also set up payment reminders by email or text message in either English or Spanish.


How to Change Alert Preferences

Sign into Manage My Account.  Click on "My Profile" and then "Alert Preferences".  You can set your alert notification preferences, view your balance, and see more detailed account information.


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