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A PDF version of the multi-family development service application is available for download.


Contact CPS Energy Customer Design & Delivery at 210-353-4050 Monday - Friday 7:30am - 4pm or [email protected] if you need assistance with any of the steps below.

Download the detailed Multi-Family Development Step-by-Step Process Document.

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Understand your location within CPS Energy Service Boundaries.

Ensure you are within CPS Energy’s Electric Service Boundary Map and/or Gas Service Boundary Map. If you service is within the Downtown Network Service Boundary, please note your project is subject to CPS Energy’s Electric Service Standards Section 1100 – Service from Downtown Network System.

*The following link will provide important addressing information that is needed before an application can be processed.  Read More Here

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We offer a free OPTIONAL Utility Preliminary Plan Review (UPPR)

This OPTIONAL Utility Preliminary Plan Review provides you with the opportunity to meet with CPS Energy staff to discuss your project.  This utility review is similar to the preliminary development plan review meetings offered by the City of San Antonio but focusing on the provision of electric and gas service. This optional meeting will assist you by identifying items that need to be addressed or modified prior to submitting a complete work request application to CPS Energy.  

Below are a few examples of instances where you may want to schedule a UPPR meeting:

  1. You are new to the San Antonio Metro Area and are not familiar with CPS Energy’s Project Construction Process & Requirements
  2. You have an infill Development Zone project where multiple commercial or residential units are planned on a very small piece of property
  3. You have a development with large electric and/or gas load requirements that may also require significant CPS Energy Infrastructure upgrades

CPS Energy will help you understand CPS Energy Service Standards, environmental requirements, and important permit and inspections information for your project.

CPS Energy will also describe your construction options: Developer Install or CPS Energy Turnkey and CPS Energy will discuss working with other utilities, like San Antonio Water & Sewer.

If you would like to request a meeting, please complete the UPPR Memo and Form and submit your site plan, conceptual elevations, photographs, survey, and estimated electric and gas loads.

You can also make your request through our Construction & Renovation Web Portal. If you are not currently enrolled in our web portal, please register at  Construction & Renovation Web Portal. Once submitted, we will process your enrollment request within 24-48 hours.

If you would NOT like to request an optional Utility Preliminary Plan Review meeting, please proceed to Step 3.

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Register on the CPS Energy Construction & Renovation Web Portal.

Register to request temporary service and track your project steps all the way through to permanent service. Once submitted, we will typically process your registration within 24-48 hours. To authorize a contractor to register, complete a Web Authorization Form.

To register, you will need:

  • Business/Customer Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Construction Mailing Address
  • Existing or new CPS Billing Account
  • CPS Account Billing Address

If opening a new CPS Billing Account, provide one of the following:

  • Federal Tax ID or
  • Employer Identification Number (EIN) or
  • Social Security Number (SSN) or
  • Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN)
Register on Web Portal
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Complete a Multifamily Building Application.

Apply on the Construction & Renovation Web Portal.

  • Select the plus symbol at the top of the screen, then “Multi-family Building” (Permanent Service is new project separate from Temporary Service).
  • Search for your Permanent Address in our system (it will not have a T#).
  • If you don’t see your Permanent Address, request that CPS create one. Click the Request Address creation checkbox and fill out necessary information.
  • Select Permanent Service, then select the services to add. If you require Gas and it is not shown, contact Customer Engineering at 210-353-4050.
  • Provide Project Details
  • Select your Billing Account or Request a New Account.
  • Review your Project Details.
  • Once submitted, you will see your Project Number for reference.


Attach the required documents to your project by selecting the Project from Home, then Attachments.

  • Customer Environmental Requirements Checklist
  • Electric/Gas Utility Site Plan – Signed & Sealed (CAD or PDF)
  • Electric/Gas One-Line Diagram – Signed & Sealed (PDF)
  • Panel Schedules – Signed & Sealed (PDF)
  • Mechanical Plan – Signed & Sealed (PDF)
  • Unit Matrix  
  • Buildings, Edge of Pavement, Building Numbers/Letters (CAD)
  • Site Plan with Easements Identified (CAD or PDF) - Easements accommodate CPS Energy overhead or underground primary electric line extensions or gas main extensions. Residential Development easements are typically dedicated by plat.

Or download and email your application: 

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Meet with CPS Energy at a Pre-Design Meeting.

Once CPS Energy Customer Engineering receives all required documents, the job is assigned to a Multi-Family Designer who will schedule a Pre-Design Meeting with you. Before the meeting, the Multi-Family Designer will gather preliminary information and comments from internal CPS Energy departments: Distribution Planning (Circuit Capacity Planning), Gas Engineering and Right-of-Way (Easements).

During the Pre-Design Meeting, your Multi-Family Designer will review your project with you and explain any steps required before CPS Energy’s Design Phase can begin. CPS Energy will also work with you to determine your construction trailer location, temporary service designs, and Permanent infrastructure routing. Lastly, CPS Energy will note any revisions required to your documents.

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CPS Energy’s Electric Services & Metering Standards reviews your metering infrastructure design

The Electric Services & Metering Standards (ESMS) department reviews meter diagrams and provides meter cans for installation. It is important to complete and provide your metering diagrams to ESMS so they can review and procure meter cans for your installation. ESMS reviews and meter can provisioning happen in parallel with your CPS Energy’s Design phase.

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CPS Energy designs your service infrastructure and sends you a contract and invoice.

Once CPS Energy has received your revised documents, the CPS Design phase is 45 days. During this Design Phase, you should apply for all of your required permits, which can have a long lead time. CPS Energy will apply for permits for CPS Energy work. At the end of the Design phase, CPS Energy will provide your final design, a contract, and invoice.

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Apply for the necessary permit(s) in your city of municipality.

You will need to obtain all relevant permits and, where required, final electrical and/or gas inspection from your local city or municipality, such as the City of San Antonio. For more information about City of San Antonio permitting and inspections, go to City of San Antonio - Permit, Inspection and Review. CPS Energy has also worked with the City of San Antonio to create a Permits and Inspections Checklist for your assistance. If you are outsides San Antonio, contact your local municipality.

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Sign your contract and pay your invoice for CPS Energy work.

CPS Energy encourages you to sign you contract and remit payment within 5 business days to avoid schedule delays. 

Pay Online


Pay by mail:

CPS Energy
PO Box 2678
San Antonio, TX 78289-0001

Pay in-person by check at any of our Customer Service Centers

Pay electronically via Automated Clearing House (ACH)

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Prepare your site for inspection.

Property Staking

In an effort to reduce conflicts with other infrastructure or fixtures, CPS Energy requires your engineer to stake designated pole locations, transformers, streetlights, and easements per CPS Energy design, prior to construction. Your CPS Energy Coordinator will stake CPS Energy infrastructure in public right-of-ways.

CPS Energy Construction Standards

CPS Energy has adopted specific standards for the construction of electric or gas services within the CPS Energy Service Area:

Electric Service Standards

If installing Underground infrastructure based on a CPS energy design (underground primary duct banks, manholes, concrete slabs, or underground secondary duct banks), then call the CPS Energy inspection line at 210-353-3373.

  • If underground secondary (overhead to underground), refer to CPS Energy provided sketch and section 600 of the Electrician Service Standards.
  • If underground primary, refer to CPS Energy provided sketch and section 1000 of the Electrician Service Standards.
  • If project is located within the downtown network boundaries, refer to CPS Energy provided sketch and section 1100 of the Electrician Service Standards.

Gas Service Standards

Permits & Inspections

Please note that all required permits and inspections required by any Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) must be completed and released to CPS Energy prior to your electric and/or gas meter(s) being set. CPS Energy has worked with the City of San Antonio to create a Permits and Inspections Checklist that must be satisfied in order for City of San Antonio permits to be released to CPS Energy. If you are outsides San Antonio, contact your local municipality.

Site Ready Checklist

You are required to meet all of the following conditions prior to the commencement of CPS Energy construction:

  • Conduits and power cables on the load side of the meter are ready to be installed.
  • 100% of service conduit run to the building is installed or at least stubbed out 10’ from transformer location.
  • You must survey and complete all required staking.
  • Your address should be clearly posted.
  • All trench paths should be within 6 inches of final grade.
  • Ensure CPS Energy Easement is cleared of debris and accessible to CPS Energy construction crews.
  • Trim trees to provide at lease 10 feet of radial clearance around facilities.
  • Ensure there are no potential issues with notch-outs and bluffs.
  • At least 80% of wet utilities are installed. 
  • There should be minimal activity from other contractors on site.
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CPS Energy and your city or municipality will perform their required inspections.

CPS Energy Inspections

Call 210-353-3373 for inspections according to the instructions on the sketch supplied by CPS Energy. Inspections are required before concrete is poured, for both the slab and the duct bank. The underground portion of the job will be released to construction after the final inspection has been approved. Our underground crews requires approximately15 business days (weather permitting) to set the transformer, pull the primary cables and make up the transformer.

City or Municipality Inspections

To turn on your service after our infrastructure and meter installation, CPS Energy needs your city or municipality’s successful electric and/or gas inspection(s). We recommend you acquire these inspections as soon as possible. CPS Energy will still install your infrastructure and meters, but in a locked position until we receive the appropriate inspections. In some locations, the CPS Energy Meter Installer will perform this inspection.

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CPS Energy installs your transformer infrastructure and temporary service for construction.

Turnkey Installation

With CPS Energy’s Turnkey Installation, CPS Energy’s contracted crews will install all infrastructure and perform inspections. Turnkey installations typically take 25 days.

Developer Installation

With Developer Installation, the customer’s contractor will install the infrastructure. Materials are available for pick up from CPS Energy. Your contractor will dig your trench and install your conduit. Allow 24 hours and call 210-353-3373 for trench inspection.

For both scenarios, build your temporary service loops and initiate Work Requests with CPS Energy for Temporary Service.

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Sign your easements for permanent service.

If necessary, submit easement documentation for the necessary utilities after they are constructed. The easement or field notes are required to be received, reviewed and signed by the property owner prior to your permanent service being activated. This process can take up to 3 weeks. If an Easement is required for your project, review the information below or click here to Read More.

Owner Request:

The owner will need to provide an easement description to the CPS Energy Agent (“Agent”). All Residential Development, Small Commercial, and Large Commercial Projects will require a surveyed easement description.  The Agent will determine if a surveyed easement description is necessary for Residential Service projects. 

Third-Party Request:

If your project requires a third-party easement, please contact the Agent. The third-party easement must be secured and finalized early in the project. 

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CPS Energy reviews your meter loop installation, installs your meter, and activates permanent service.

CPS Energy must receive your electric meter loop inspection from the City of San Antonio (or your municipality) to allow CPS Energy to schedule a service/meter crew. Also, you must permanently stencil your address on your meter loop (refer to section 1800 of the Electrician Service Standards). Once CPS Energy receives your inspection, allow 15 business days for a CPS Energy Meter Crew to activate your service.

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CPS Energy sends your Temporary Service final bill and normal billing begins.

CPS Energy will send your final Temporary Service bill and normal billing will begin. If you have not already, enroll in Manage My Account.

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