Joint Trench Program


Update to the CPS Energy Joint Trench Program


CPS Energy works with our joint trench partners to share our underground trench space and allow joint trench partners who are in good standing and have a current signed agreement with CPS Energy to place its communications conduits, ducts, and other facilities into CPS Energy trenches.

YOUR FEEDBACK IS REQUESTED: CPS Energy has completed an internal review of the Joint Trench Agreement and associated costs to ensure we are supporting the needs of CPS Energy, our community, and our joint trench partners. Our updated agreement is now available for review and feedback for the next 30 days.  Please send all comments to CPS Energy at [email protected]. The deadline to submit comments is December 08, 2023.

Proposed Joint Trench Agreement

As a joint trench partner, you would still be responsible for the design of your facilities, construction coordination with other entities regarding the installation of your facilities, obtaining all requisite authorizations from public and private property owners and governmental entities to install, maintain, and operate your facilities within the Public Right of Way or easement where the trench is located, and making upfront payment of construction costs where applicable.