RAC Questions & Answers - Rate Design


This page will be updated frequently with questions & answers by topic. 

Rate Design Topics Include:

  • Objectives of rate design
  • Rate design trends
  • Industry case studies
  • Cost model of providing service

Questions & Answers:

  1. CPS used to have a budgeted payment plan – is that option not in place any longer? (Answered)
  2. What is the energy burden for CPS Energy customers? 
  3. How has the CARE program impacted disconnections , customer programs, and solar access.  Has it impacted use?
  4. Should the CPS Energy RAC consider “Business Development” as a rate design principle?
  5. Should encouraging conservation be a household affordability issue and could it be a penalty to low or fixed income households?
  6. What are the missing, new or innovative programs given all utility are transitioning to reduce carbon, extreme weather, and responding to the growing income wealth gap?
  7. Can you explain why "decarbonization" is a good thing -- a worthwhile goal? 
  8. What is the utilization of the current programs CPS offers to assist folks to get their arms around their usage and budgeting for their energy costs.
  9. How do we re-energize or renew the current rebate programs already in place, e.g., insulation, appliances, etc?
  10. What are the CPS rates and or new distribution assets needed for new and large customers that can be paid by economic development grants that typically pay for infrastructure?
  11. Recently ERCOT has been sending notices via text message to reduce use when usage is high.  I participate in the current smart thermostat program and receive notices when CPS will take over my thermostat.  This program did not kick in and I am assuming it's because folks responded appropriately to the ERCOT notices and there was enough of a reduction in use the CPS level didn't need to kick in. 
  12. Report from Sierra Club regarding STEP Program