Ecobee Registration: What to Expect


Thank you for your participation in the WiFi Thermostat Rewards program with CPS Energy!

Please make sure you can answer “Yes” the following before proceeding with registration:

1. Is your thermostat a CPS Energy qualified thermostat (model and brand)? (Check here)

2. Have you successfully installed your thermostat and connected it to your WiFi?

3. Have you connected your thermostat to the Ecobee app?

After you enroll, here is what to expect:

Pending Approval:
It will take up to 10 business days for your registration to be verified. Once it is verified, you will receive a welcome email from Ecobee.

Receiving Your Rebate:
Your rebate will come in the form of a bill credit and will appear on your CPS Energy bill within one to two billing cycles.


Please Note: When your thermostat is receiving an energy savings event, typically it will first precool your home to keep you comfortable. For ecobee legacy users (customers who do not utilize eco+) the precooling duration lasts from 30 minutes to one hour. For eco+ users, the duration of precooling is customized to each individual home, based on your eco+ setting. 

After the precool, a setback is applied for a duration that depends on the event. You can opt-out of the event at any time by setting a hold or tapping on the eco+ icon and ending eco+ for the day.