How to submit a claim with CPS Energy

CPS Energy's Claims Department is responsible for investigating and resolving property damage and personal injury claims.

Before submitting a claim, please note:

  • If your claim pertains to Casa Verde weatherization, a Smart Thermostat, or a billing issue, click the appropriate link for assistance with these programs.
  • CPS Energy’s Customer Terms and Conditions Applying to Retail Utility Service, at III.B.c., provide:
    CPS Energy…does not guarantee a continuous supply of electric energy or that the voltage, waveform, or frequency of the supply will not fluctuate. CPS Energy also does not guarantee a continuous supply of gas or that pressure or energy content will not fluctuate. CPS Energy shall not be liable for damages including, without limitation, loss of profits, loss of revenue, loss of production capacity, or direct or indirect damages of any kind for injuries to persons or property occasioned by interruption, failure to commence delivery, or voltage, wave form, frequency fluctuation, or pressure change of energy content fluctuation caused by interruption or failure of service or delay in commencing Service due to accident or to breakdown of plant, lines, or equipment, strike, riot, act of God, order of any court or judge granted in any bona fide legal proceedings or action or any order of any commission or tribunal having jurisdiction; or, without limitation by the preceding enumeration, any other act or things due to causes beyond its control, caused by to the negligence of CPS Energy, its employees, or contractors, except to the extent that the damages are occasioned by the gross negligence or willful misconduct of CPS Energy.
  • CPS Energy’s Customer Terms and Conditions Applying to Retail Utility Service, at III.B.e., provide:
    As a condition of providing Service(s) to Customer, CPS Energy assumes no responsibility or liability for Customer’s Installation or for damage caused by CPS Energy to improvements, landscaping, or structures on Customer’s Premises that encroach on CPS Energy’s side of the Point of Delivery including service easements, lines, or Facilities. This release of liability also extends to any CPS Energy Facilities placed beyond the Point of Delivery where such Facilities are requested by the Customer or necessary to provide Service.

To submit a claim:

Complete and submit the Online Claim Form or print and mail a Claim Form - English or Claim Form - Spanish to:

CPS Energy Claims Dept.
Mail Drop:  CT1201
P.O. Box 1771
San Antonio, Texas 78296

*Submit copies of all related receipts, photographs, and any other evidence you believe supports your claim.

Upon receipt of the claim:

A Claims Representative will be assigned to your claim and you will be contacted within 5 business days to confirm receipt.  An investigation will then be completed to determine whether CPS Energy is liable for your claim.  Once a determination is made, a Claims Representative will notify you by phone, email, or letter.  Please note that while we endeavor to make liability determinations expeditiously, thorough investigations can take some time.   

For directions on how to file a claim or to request a claim form be mailed to you, call (210) 353-4488.