Water and Energy


We want to help keep you and your property safe. Here are some important tips on avoiding dangerous issues involving energy.

How to play it safe with electricity:

  • Floods cause significant damage to homes and property. Once floodwaters recede, don’t flip a switch or plug in an appliance before a licensed electrician checks the wiring and appliances to make sure they are safe.
  • Never use water-damaged electrical appliances. Have them reconditioned by a qualified service repairman.
  • Be careful when your basement or garage is flooded; submerged outlets or electrical cords may be energizing the water.
  • Use GFCIs to prevent electrocutions and electrical shock injuries.
  • Never allow power cord connections to become wet.
  • Do not remove or bypass the ground pin on a three-prong plug.

How to be careful with natural gas:

  • If you’ve experienced a flood, don’t turn on a natural gas appliance before a qualified service repairman has inspected it.
  • Never use candles or open flames as a light source.
  • If natural gas house lines or appliances have been under water, have them dried out and reconditioned before use.
  • If you smell natural gas, do not turn on or off lights or use any electrical appliances or telephone––leave the building immediately and report it to CPS Energy at (210) 353-4357.