Online Account Agreements



To enroll in CPS Energy’s online services, you’ll provide your CPS Energy account number, service address, and personal identification (either a driver’s license number or social security number). We’ll then email you a temporary password, which you’ll be able to change the first time you log-in to your account. You are solely responsible for the confidentiality and use of your user ID and password and for the transactions performed through the use of your password. It is your responsibility to update your online account information immediately if any changes occur and change your password if you believe your user ID and/or password have been compromised.

E-mail Notifications

When you sign up for CPS Energy online services, you will no longer receive a paper bill and informational inserts in the mail. Instead, you will receive an e-mail notification when your bill is ready and a link to your log-in site. If you would like to continue receiving a paper bill and informational inserts by mail, you may update your online account profile.

It is your responsibility to routinely log on to your online account to check for your bill, notices and updates, and to keep your profile, e-mail and bank account information current.

Delinquent notices will be sent through postal mail only.

If you do not receive your e-mail notification, contact CPS Energy immediately at (210) 353-2222. Failure to receive e-mail notification will not delay the due date of your bill and you will still be responsible for timely payment of your bill.

Cancelling Your Online Account Enrollment

You may cancel your online enrollment at any time by selecting “Remove this Account” from your profile or by calling CPS Energy Customer Service at (210) 353-2222. Cancelling your online account will not cancel any pending payments that are “Scheduled” or “In Process.” Pending payments will still be processed by the date requested. If you want to cancel pending payments at the time you cancel your online account enrollment, you must first cancel the pending payment(s) and then cancel your online enrollment. Payments that are “In Process,” status cannot be cancelled and will be processed by the date requested.

Pay Your Bill Online

You may use your online account to pay your CPS Energy utility bill via your personal or business checking or savings accounts. By paying your utility bill through your online account, you are authorizing CPS Energy to make a withdrawal from your bank account through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) Network. If your financial institution does not honor a withdrawal for any reason, CPS Energy may charge your utility account applicable fees in accordance with the CPS Energy Rules and Regulations. In the event an incorrect amount of funds is debited from your bank account due to an error by CPS Energy, CPS Energy will correct and return the improperly debited funds to your bank account, and, if applicable, pay any related charges.

Your online payment will be posted to your CPS Energy utility account the day you specify it to be paid if that payment is made on or before 3 p.m., Central Standard Time (CST) on a CPS Energy business day. Payments may be scheduled up to 60 days in advance. You may have up to five scheduled payments pending at any one time.

If you have selected to store your bank information as part of your online account, only the last four digits on your Routing/Transit Number and Account Number will be displayed.

NOTE: It may take a few days for your bank account to reflect CPS Energy’s withdrawal of the payment amount.

Cancellation of Online Payments

You may cancel scheduled online payment up to 24 hours prior to the payment date. Once a payment is listed as “In Process,” it cannot be cancelled through your online account. Cancellation of your online enrollment will not cancel any scheduled payments. Payments already scheduled will be processed and posted to your CPS Energy account(s) by the date requested.

CPS Energy reserves the right to cancel any scheduled payments if the bank has returned your previous payments and your utility account is listed as “Cash only.”

Electronic Bill Display

This online service lets you view the past 13 months of electronic bill displays.

Update Mailing Address

Use your Online Account to update a mailing address for your account.

Update Phone Number

Use your Online Account to update your phone number. Updates to the primary phone number will apply to all active accounts.


Start Service

CPS Energy can start electric or natural gas service at any existing residence in San Antonio or surrounding area. CPS Energy requires two business days’ prior notification for all new electric or natural gas accounts. A deposit may be required to establish new service. CPS Energy will contact you by telephone or email if additional information––including the specifics of any deposit––is required. Otherwise, you may expect an email notification on the day of service requested. New electric or natural gas service requests can be processed no more than 30 days in advance. New service cannot be established on weekends or CPS Energy holidays.

Stop Service

If you wish to terminate your energy service, CPS Energy requires at least two business days’ prior notice. Any deposit on your account will be credited toward your final bill balance. Termination of service cannot be processed more than 30 days in advance. Termination of electric or natural gas services cannot be scheduled for weekends or CPS Energy holidays.

Transfer Service

To terminate service at one address and start it at a new address, we require at least two business days’ prior notice. Based on service termination date and the start service date, a new account may be assigned to the new service address. Any deposit on the old account will be transferred to the new service account.

CPS Energy will contact you by telephone or email if additional information is required for your request. Otherwise, you may expect an email notification on the day of service requested. Transfer requests can be processed no more than 30 days in advance. Transfers cannot be scheduled for weekends or CPS Energy holidays.

My Online Profile

You may use your Online Account Profile to update the following information:

  • Email address
  • Online password
  • Secret question
  • Secret answer
  • Add an account (account must be active and in your name)
  • Remove account from online profile
  • Resume paper bill and discontinue e-mail notification of bill

Payment Plans

You may use our online service to request a payment plan that gives you additional time to pay your bill. Not all accounts are eligible for payment plans. If you do not fulfill the terms of your payment plan terms, the payment plan agreement will become null and void and the account will be subject to collection activities. The account will also become ineligible from further payment arrangements for six months.

Energy Usage Data

The usage data in the graphs are based on the 15-minute interval data received nightly from your meter. Due to processing time, there can be a delay in displaying this data. The total usage for a day may not equal the actual daily usage, due to the timing of when the data is received. This interval data is not used for billing purposes at this time. The data is subject to change based on CPS Energy established business rules.

Modifications or Discontinuance to Online Service by CPS Energy

Your online account may be modified in part or discontinued by CPS Energy at any time, including revising or updating the application form, terms of use or the services being offered.

Should CPS Energy discontinue the Residential Manage Your Account service, you will receive 30 days prior notice by e-mail.
CPS Energy reserves the right to cancel any Residential Manage Your Account that has not been accessed by you for a 12 month consecutive period.

CPS Energy reserves the right to immediately cancel your online service account without notice for inappropriate use, including fraudulent activity on the online service.

Confidentiality and Security

CPS Energy will store and protect your online account information in the same manner other personal customer information is stored and protected. Disclosure of this information shall only be made when CPS Energy is required to do so by law.

System Availability

Your online account is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, except during periodic system maintenance. CPS Energy will not be responsible for any electronic data transmission disruption, interference or errors resulting from a cause over which it does not have direct control.

Governing Rules

Your activity in the Manage Your Account Online Program is governed by CPS Energy’s Rules and Regulations of Electric and Gas Service, which are incorporated in entirety in these terms of use.