Grandview to Coliseum Transmission Line Rebuild


CPS Energy will rebuild an existing power line along the railroad between our Grandview and Coliseum Substations.  The power line route will be about 2.1 miles long, starting at Grandview Substation at the intersection of J St. and Cora Ave. proceeding north ending at the Coliseum Substation at the intersection of Rotary and Monson St. The existing CPS Energy electric system must be upgraded to serve customers’ needs for reliable electric power. In addition, the demand for electricity is increasing rapidly and the rebuild will include the installation of a new larger cable. This will allow CPS Energy the ability to provide more power to the area.

The project will rebuild the existing single circuit line to a double circuit line.  It will include new line structures (poles), new foundations and electrical conductor. This will improve the quality and safety of an aging transmission line and help ensure electrical reliability between the V.H. Braunig and Coliseum Substation. Some of the structures will be reconfigured and others will be replaced with solid steel poles of a similar footprint size.  The new line is needed by June 2016 to maintain electrical reliability.

As with most projects, construction activities will affect residents in different ways.  Construction activities will be focused around the new and old pole locations and therefore property owners will be contacted individually by CPS Energy team members to discuss project impacts as they affect you.
Activities that may be typical to the entire construction route will be the presence of construction equipment and materials as well as temporary partial road closures while construction is in progress.

For more information, contact:

Kevin Phillips, Project Manager
Grandview to Coliseum Transmission Line Rebuild Project
Mail Drop # 111008
P.O. Box 1771
San Antonio, Texas 78296-1771
(210) 353-3114
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