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Cooling Lakes and Parks

Braunig and Calaveras Parks are open to full capacity.

  • Face coverings are encouraged
  • Store is closed, but items can be bought at the Welcome Station windows
  • Braunig Lake:  210-632-4128 or Email Braunig Lake
  • Calaveras Lake:  210-635-8359 or Email Calaveras Lake

From generation to cool recreation

For nearly four decades, San Antonio area visitors and residents have enjoyed the natural beauty of our two cooling lakes, Calaveras and Braunig.  We invite you to join the more than 250,000 visitors each year who fish and boat on the lakes. Or picnic and camp in the lakeside parks.

Braunig and Calaveras Lakes, located in southeast Bexar County, were built in the late 1960s to provide cooling water for equipment at nearby power plants. Following a record drought in San Antonio in the late 1950s and desires to conserve Edwards Aquifer water for drinking purposes, CPS Energy turned to treated wastewater from the San Antonio River to fill the two reservoirs. We were one of the first utilities in the nation to use treated sewage effluent for power plant cooling. Today, the idea continues to pay dividends. By using recycled wastewater in the lakes rather than fresh water, more than 40,000 acre feet of drinking water from the Edwards Aquifer are conserved each year.

Thousand Trails Management Services, Inc. (TTMSI) manages the operation of the parks. For more information on the parks, contact TTMSI:

  • Braunig Lake, (210) 632-4128
  • Calaveras Lake, (210) 635-8359
  • Or email: CPS Energy Complex

  Braunig and Calaveras Lake Parks are located southeast of San Antonio:

  • Braunig Lake Park - 17500 Donop Road, Elmendorf, Texas
  • Calaveras Lake Park - 12991 Bernhardt Road