Material Supply Constraints: Information, Services, and Programs


Material Supply Issues


CPS Energy has worked diligently to help mitigate the global supply chain issues that have affected our community.  We are working through shortages of key materials and equipment, including transformers. The impact of the supply chain challenges have resulted in extended lead times & delayed deliveries of material, ultimately resulting in current, or expected, delays to CPS Energy and customer projects requiring 3-Phase transformers. To assist our customers during this difficult time, CPS Energy has created new programs and processes to help mitigate these challenges.

Please note that CPS Energy expects the underlying conditions impacting the supply of transformers and other materials that can delay projects to continue for the next 3-5 years. Customer’s should take extended transformer and supply delivery timeframes into account when planning projects. We will continue keep you informed as we navigate these challenges.

Material Supply Issue Products and Services

Single-Phase Transformer Queues:

CPS Energy is producing monthly lists of projects requiring single-phase transformers.  The queue list is based on the customer construction cost (also known as Contribution in Aide of Construction or CIAC) payment date.  Only customers who have agreed to have their projects listed are shown on the list.  The list represents the order in which projects will receive transformers...

To request your project(s) to be added to the list, please email CPS Energy at [email protected]. Please see the FAQ for the information needed.

Three Phase Transformer Queues:

CPS Energy has created a process for organizing projects into a queue that require a 3-phase transformer, which are also being impacted by the global supply chain issues the industry is currently facing.  Customers can help us plan for your projects by (we have verbiage on engaging electric sooner)...

Customer Referred Material:

CPS Energy has developed a Customer Referred Materials program for customers whose projects may be impacted by supply chain shortages are encouraged to locate materials through their own supply chain contacts.  We have implemented a process to allow for customers to refer materials to us that they have located…

Partial Energization:

CPS Energy has developed a Partial Energization program that offers developers with one or more projects in the Single-Phase Project Queue an option that may allow energization of part of a project when some, but not all transformers are available…

To request partial energization for your development please complete the Request Form.

Single-Phase Customer Project Exchange:

CPS Energy has developed a program that offers developers with more than one comparable projects the opportunity to exchange projects position on the queue list or even to work with other developers with projects…

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