Subdivision Development Project Queues


Subdivision Development Project Queues: 35 kV Service Voltage and 13 kV Service Voltage

CPS Energy is producing monthly lists of subdivision development projects requiring single phase transformers based on the current projects that are in construction and organized based where they are in queue for receiving their required transformers. For developers who have agreed to have their project information be available for distribution and for publishing on CPS Energy’s website, we are now providing the 13kV Subdivision Development Project Queue and 35kV Subdivision Development Project Queue below.  These queues provide the order in which we will be fulfilling transformers to these projects when they become available.

For awareness:

Our current forecasted transformer delivery outlook only extends a few months, making it difficult to predict future project energization dates.  We will update this list monthly to provide the most up to date information available.

CPS Energy has ordered transformers to cover all of the subdivision development projects currently in-construction that have been deferred, plus a majority of those that have not yet been deferred. In addition to these active orders, our suppliers also have orders placed with manufacturers on our behalf going out through 2023 and beyond to help minimize the impact of the constraints in transformer availability. 

We will keep you informed as we navigate this situation through the coming year.