CPS Energy's Winter Preparedness


We believe in year-round Reliability! We want our community to know what we are doing to prepare as the weather gets colder. We are working on three key areas of improvement: weatherization, infrastructure, and communications.



1. Weatherization

  • We have taken freeze protection actions, including additional heaters, temporary enclosures, and insulation.
  • We have completed enhanced insulation installation on lines and devices along with upgrades on selected systems.
  • We have investment of more than $20M to enhance weatherization upgrades since 2011, and we estimate we have spent $2 - $3M this year, and we anticipated spending of up to $46M during the next two to three years.

2. Infrastructure

  • ERCOT’s has made improvements that complement our efforts in our service area.
  • We have reviewed and revised our list of uninterruptable circuits, including circuits that service key utility facilities.
    • If the San Antonio service area experiences another load shed event of the same size (as the 2021 winter storm), our goal is to turn customers’ power off for 15 minutes at a time.
    • 155 of our circuits are now considered interruptible, meaning we have more areas where power can be cut if outages are required. 
  • We have taken actions to improve the experience for all customers without jeopardizing critical facilities needed for emergency response.
  • We continue to work closely with SAWS to evaluate existing circuit redundancy and strategies for onsite generation as a means of greater resiliency for the most critical facilities.

3. Communications

  • We have improved internal processes for communicating with customers, ensuring that important details are conveyed.
  • We have streamlined communication between CPS Energy and SAWS Operations Teams for greater responsiveness to the needs of both utilities.
  • We continue to have timely communications with City of San Antonio and Bexar County elected officials and stakeholders.
  • We will continue status updates at monthly Municipal Utilities Committee (MUC) meetings & to the Board of Trustees